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Law reports are held in the Library either in print or in electronic form. Use the Library catalogue and the Law guide to help you. The Learning Resources section of the guide contains understanding case law and law reports.

To find the law report for a specific case you need a citation. Search for your case by name using the Law Reports Index (LAW G3, Abercromby Wing 1st Floor), with recent issues called the Consolidated Index. Alternatively, use the Current Law Case Citator (LAW G2.36, Abercromby Wing 1st Floor).

If the case you are searching for is a recent case (occurred in the last 12 months since the latest Case Citator was published) then use the volumes of the Current Law Monthly Digest (LAW A3.1, Abercromby Wing 1st Floor). The most recent volume indexes all the preceding law reports for that year, i.e., the August issue will index all cases reported from January through to August.

Case law can also be found on Lexis Library and Westlaw UK.

If the case is very recent and has not yet been reported in an official law report series, it may have been reported very briefly in The Times newspaper. Check The Times online via Lexis Library or Westlaw UK. Alternatively, an online transcript of the case may be available, either directly from the website of the court where the case was heard or via BAILII, Lexis Library or Westlaw UK.

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