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The University Library system comprises the Harold Cohen Library, the Sydney Jones Library, the Leahurst Campus Library at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital on the Wirral and the London Campus Library. It contains a total of around 2,000,000 printed volumes, 680,000 ebooks and subscribes to over 65,000 electronic journals. It can accommodate some 1,100 readers. Below are more details about the library's services and regulations:

  1. In these Regulations the term "book" is deemed to cover all types of library material and 'the Library' refers to all or part of the buildings that make up the University Library system.
  2. All persons entering the Library must show acceptable proof of identity on request.
  3. Briefcases, cases and bags may be brought into the Library, on the understanding that the bearers are willing to open them for inspection on leaving.
  4. All persons leaving the Library with books and papers in their possession must show them to a member of the Library staff on request.
  5. Special or different rules authorised by the Chief Operating Officer for the use of any particular library or collection or category of stock will be displayed in the library concerned.
  6. The Librarian is empowered to suspend in special circumstances the operation of any of these Regulations, subject to consultation with the Chief Operating Officer, and subject to such action being reported to the appropriate University Committee.
  1. The opening hours are determined by the Senate and Council and are displayed in the Library.
  2. The Library may be closed when the University as a whole is closed.
  1. The following persons are allowed to use the Library and to borrow books:
    • Members of the University Council
    • Members of the University staff entitled to a current University staff card
    • Associates of the University entitled to a current University membership card
    • Retired members of the University staff
    • Registered students of the University
    • University alumni
    • External Borrowers on payment of the appropriate subscription
    • Corporate Members on payment of an annual subscription
    • Individual members of institutions participating in local, regional and national reciprocal borrowing arrangements
    • The Chief Operating Officer may, in addition, authorise other categories of persons to use the Library for reference or borrowing or both and may set limits or conditions to such use or borrowing.
  2. Members of an institution which has entered into an agreement with the Council of the University are admitted to use of the Library upon conditions specified in the agreement.
  3. The Librarian has discretion to admit other persons to use the Library for up to one session in the first instance, the privilege being renewable for up to one session at a time.
  4. All users are required, on first being admitted to use of the University Library, to complete any registration form which may currently be in use.
  5. All registered users must report immediately any change of address. Communications sent to the last reported address of a user are deemed to have been duly sent.
  1. All books may be borrowed except the following:
    • Books marked as not to be removed from the Library
    • Books in Special Collections and Archives
    • Liverpool University theses, if access has been restricted under separate Regulations published in the Calendar
  2. Notwithstanding Regulation 14, the Librarian may permit or prohibit or restrict the loan of any book.
  3. Borrowers may have on loan from the Library at any one time not more than the number of volumes shown below and may keep or renew them for the periods specified below or under Regulations 5 or 15, subject to their recall as provided by these Regulations:
    • Members of the University Council, members of the University staff entitled to a current staff card, Associates of the University recognised as staff equivalent and retired members of the University staff: unlimited until 30 June annually (maximum of two 1-day loan items)
    • Students registered with the University for higher degrees undertaken by research: unlimited - issued for one year or until account expires for (maximum of two 1-day loan items)
    • Students registered with the University for higher degrees undertaken by taught course, or registered on Diploma or Certificate courses: 30 items for 4 weeks in term, (plus a maximum of two 1-day loan items)
    • All other registered students of the University: 20 volumes for 21 days and for the duration of the summer vacation (plus a maximum of two 1-day loan items)
    • University alumni: 10 volumes for 14 days
    • Other Associates of the University: as for 16 (i) or 16 (v) depending on category
    • External Borrowers: 2 volumes for 14 days
    • Corporate Members: up to 10 volumes for 14 days, by agreement
    • Other borrowers: as determined by the terms of any agreement
  4. Borrowers may not give Library books to others, whether borrowers or not, for their use. The person who borrowed the book from the Library is held responsible for its return and for any loss or damage until its return. Borrowers are deemed responsible for the effectiveness of any arrangements they make to return books through third parties.
  5. Recalled books are liable for return after one week on loan, except that books issued for a shorter loan-period under Regulations 5 or 15 may be recalled at any time.
  6. One week's notice will be given to return recalled books, except that the period of notice may be reduced for books issued for a shorter loan-period under Regulation 5 or 15.
  7. Books borrowed from other libraries for the use of applicants in the University Library are subject to these Regulations and also to any conditions imposed by the lending Library.
  8. Books borrowed from the Library may not be taken or sent abroad without permission.
  1. Conduct affecting the proper use and enjoyment of the Library by others is a disciplinary offence. Formal proceedings against an offender may result in withdrawal of privileges, a reprimand, a fine or more serious penalties.
  2. The Librarian may take disciplinary action under powers of summary jurisdiction against any student who wilfully infringes these Regulations and may refer serious complaints against students to the Chief Operating Officer for action under the University's Ordinance on Discipline.
  3. If a disciplinary offence is committed by a person who is not subject to the Ordinance on Discipline, the Librarian may suspend the offender's right to use the Library and may report the matter to the Chief Operating Officer for action by the appropriate disciplinary body.
  4. In particular, it shall be a disciplinary offence:
    • wilfully to attempt to remove a book from the Library without carrying out the proper borrowing procedure
    • wilfully to damage a book in any way, including marking or annotating it or interfering with evidence of the University's ownership
    • wilfully to cause or participate in a disturbance in the Library or to obstruct Library staff in the course of their duties
    • to bring or consume hot foods in the Library
    • to bring animals into the Library, except for guide dogs
    • to infringe, by the use of Library facilities or materials, copyright legislation or the terms of any copyright licensing agreement entered into by the University
  1. Library staff are empowered to impose fines, according to the custom and practice of libraries, on borrowers who neglect to return books on or before the date set, whether at the expiry of a normal or special loan period or in response to a recall notice.
  2. A scale of such fines shall be determined from time to time by the Chief Operating Officer.
  3. Borrowers are responsible for the care of books loaned to them. The Librarian may require borrowers to pay the cost of repair or replacement, in whole or in part, of books which are damaged or lost while on loan to them, however the loss or damage may have been caused. Accidental damage to books in transit, from exposure to wet weather or other hazards, is within the scope of this Regulation.
  1. For as long as a borrower remains in possession of an overdue or recalled book or fails to pay a fine or penalty imposed under Regulations 22-30, or is otherwise recorded as a debtor to the University, the right of the borrower to enter or use the Library may be suspended.
  2. All disciplinary and other fines and penalties imposed on students are regarded as debts to the University. Under the University's Rules Regulating the Payment of Fees by Students such debts, if left outstanding, may render students ineligible to sit examinations, to be presented for the award of a degree, diploma or certificate, to receive the grants from any fellowship, scholarship, studentship or prize or to renew registration for the following session.

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